Quality Assurance 

Our company is a highly quality conscious enterprise that dictates us to make sure that all our products are of the highest quality. After the manufacturing process of our range, which include Satellite Module, Aircrafts Waveguide, Inlet Casing, Split Casing, Control Manifold, Diffuser Plate, Digital Engine Control Unit, etc., we carry a stringent quality check upon all the products. This quality testing is done by expert quality analysts, who ensure that our offered products meet with the current standards of the industry and are completely defect free. 

Product Range

We offer the following products:
  • Jig and CNC
  • Fixture Disc Special Gauge 
  • Precision Spare Part
  • Foam Mould
  • Ring Load
  • Satellite Module, Satellite Communication Module
  • Aircrafts Waveguide
  • Control Manifold
  • Diffuser Plate
  • Digital Engine Control Unit
  • Inlet Casing
  • Satellite Interface Bracket
  • Split Casing
  • Mission Computer Chassis
Our Talented Team

We thoroughly believe that in order to manufacture electronics and aeronautical components, a thorough knowledge of reasoning, combining science, technology, mathematics, judgment along with practical experience is necessary. Therefore, we possess a team of talented and knowledgeable professionals, who have all these qualities. Every member of our team keep themselves completely updated with the current techniques of production and operate according to the varying requirements of our clients. These experts work in ideal co-ordination among themselves that ensures that all responsibilities are implemented within the stipulated time. 

Client Satisfaction 

Out of the several reasons of the so far successful run of our company, one of the vital reason is our dedication towards achieving complete client satisfaction. We carry every operation completely according to the varying requirements of our clients. Our sales and marketing team stay in regular contact with our clients in order to understand their requirements even better. Our consistent dedication and commitment towards keeping our clients satisfied has earned us a huge base of reputed clients. Some of our clients are: 
  • GTRE
  • ISRO
  • LPSC
  • ADA
  • ADE

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